Episode 327

The Holiday Special


Christmas has come 1 week early! New episode available now. In this Holiday Special we catch up around the pop-culture table, talk about Christmas tra...

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Mof1 is out on the street at conferences, attending the latest and greatest art shows, movies, etc. Keep up with where (and when) we are in the world.

  • Reimagine Conference
    October 19-21
  • Costa Mesa Meetup
    October 22
  • Pop-Up Crop
    Novemeber 3
  • Austin Meetup
    Novemeber 4
  • Mondocon
    Novemeber 4-5
  • Creative South
    April 12-15




Welcome to Master Of One, where every week we bring you the latest in games, design and film from our world. Listen us each Tuesday as we talk about the latest happenings around the community and what cool new item you should be spending your money on. Then listen again on Thursday when we talk with a guest celebrity artist from one of our industries. We love to talk with you, so start a conversation @mof1podcast or join the conversation happening now in Discord.


So what makes us the “masters” of our genre? Well, when we say we are the master in a topic, it simply means that we are incredibly passionate about that thing and that—for the context of the show—we are the “go to” for that category.

Patrick // TV & Film
Luke // Toys & Games
Andrew // Art & Design