Episode 101.2: Sandbox Interview with Graphic Designer, Marketer, & Training Manager at Astute Graphics Dave Clayton

Episode Synopsis

Man, this thing was off the rails from the beginning... in the best way. Today we scratch the surface of the immense amount of knowledge and talent that is Dave Clayton. Dave is an experienced designer and marketer that has been successfully navigating the digital shifts in the design industry for a couple decades now. With one-part talent, one-part charisma and one-part English accent Dave unites community and helps designers further their craft. We're already excited for round 2 of talk in the future.

Guest Bio

Dave Clayton

Ever since Dave was a kid he's always been arty. The smell of crayons is still one of his favourite things... and he can’t walk past a stationery shop without wanting to buy pads, pencils and pens. He used to make his art with Letraset, cutting letters out of magazines and newspapers and gluing everything together to make his own comics and artwork. Now, he works full-time as the Training Manager at Astute Graphics.

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