Episode 102.2: Sandbox Interview with Designer, Letterer, Illustrator, and Co-Owner of Inch by Inch Bob Ewing

Episode Synopsis

Chalk it up to our love of community, but we have a big heart for Bob Ewing. Bob is an advocate for everyone he encounters, and a connector to all things creative. We sit down to talk about his approach to building community, the benefit of relationships and the creative direction he is headed. It's an interview that deserves a listen and share.

Guest Bio

Bob Ewing

He’s the co-founder of INCH x INCH, a non-profit Bob and his old pal Drew started to help fund youth art education, and was an active member of 4-H for 10 years. Bob enrolled in the Visual Communication program at Ivy Tech, a community college lauded by President Barack Obama as one of the best in the nation. He’s nabbed several Addy awards along the way, and was featured as a winner in the Communication Arts Typography Annual 5. But despite the all of the hard-earned recognition, Bob’s selflessness remains. When he’s not at the office or at home practicing lettering, Bob is spending time with his wife, Stephanie, daughter, Ardyn, and son, Nixon.

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