Episode 106.2: Sandbox Interview With the Founder of Industry Print Shop Tony Diaz

Episode Synopsis

Blood, Sweat, Mostly Tears... Tony Diaz has spent the last decade building the print powerhouse that is Industry Print Shop. The list of things he's working on is deep but he is cool and collected on the outside. We listen as Tony talks about walking away from his dream, choosing work that matters, and the never ending grind. Get pumped.

Guest Bio

Tony Diaz

Industry Print Shop - Founded by Tony and Jennifer Diaz in early 2007, Industry is one of Austin’s most prolific, artist-run print-shops. Industry has built a phenomenal reputation in the world’s of art and design with a keen eye for detail and outstanding customer service. From small projects to international campaigns, our goal is to provide the highest quality screen printed materials to bring your vision from an idea to a tangible product.

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