Episode 108.2: Sandbox Interview With Voice Actor and Creative Director for Cyclops Print Works Allie Moreno

Episode Synopsis

If only you knew, this has been an interview a long time in the making. We are pleased to sit down with the very talented Allie Moreno, the Creative Director at Cyclops Print Works and voice over artist most recently appearing in Coco. In addition to talking the life of a Creative Director, Allie also shares the unforgettable - and way suspicious - story of how she came to work on Coco. It's good stuff.

Guest Bio

Allie Moreno

Allie was born in El Paso, Texas. The youngest in her family to a working single mother, she quickly learned to fend for herself and make her voice heard. She spent many afternoons and nights watching everything she possibly could, leading her to LA and her love of acting and voiceover. Additionally, she is the Creative Director of one of the hottest print shops around: Cyclops Print Works.

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