Episode 112.2: With Founder and Co-Owner of Keymaster Games Kyle Key

Episode Synopsis

One is the loneliest number... and we can't have that. Today we pick up the Keymaster Games conversation with Kyle Key, the other half of the amazing game duo. Through a tough situation, Kyle decided to pursue the thing he loved and put aside everything else. Today we unpack the situation that created Keymaster Games, retro Claims of Gold, and discuss the history that brings us their newest offering, Space Park.

Guest Bio

Kyle Key

It all started when I found out I needed open-heart surgery. You read that right—I have a bad ticker. Leading up to the surgery, I bought tons of board games. All I wanted to do was spend quality time with friends and family through board gaming. Even in the middle of my surgery, my wife and friends played Pandemic in the waiting room—later saying that might not have been the best place to play that game. Over those six months of recovery, I realized just how well board games brought people together and gave them great memories to hold on to. And so, Keymaster Games was born with the hope of doing just that.

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