Episode 113.2: With Talented Illustrator Duo and Founders of Pretend Friends Anna & Daniel Clark

Episode Synopsis

A magical time indeed. We are happy to sit down with our new pretend friends, Anna and Daniel. This talented duo of illustrators creates absolutely magical work while also being married at the same time. Work plus family doesn't always mix, but these two pull it off smoothly. It's a great interview with great insight into doing great work as a couple.

Guest Bio

Anna & Daniel Clark

Anna and Daniel Clark are two halves of a creative studio based out of St. Louis, Missouri. They've taken their shared love of all things whimsical, colorful, and playful and brought it to life through their work. With a combined background in illustration, design, and animation they have worked with a variety of wonderful clients including Disney Parks and Resorts, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Oishei Children's Hospital. They’re enthusiastic storytellers who dream big and always appreciate a good pun.

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