Episode 114.2: Sandbox Interview with Designer, Illustrator & Creator of Leaky Timbers Joey Ellis

Episode Synopsis

This episode has been a long time coming and we couldn't be more excited to sit down with the supremely talented Joey Ellis. While we had intended to take a look at the breadth of Joey's work, the topic of Leaky Timbers was just too dang fascinating. We take a deep dive into the history behind the characters and pitch video and discuss what you can expect from Joey Ellis and Luke Flowers at Creative South 2018. We'll just have to have Joey back to continue the discussion. Can't wait.

Guest Bio

Joey Ellis

Joey Ellis graduated from East Carolina University in 2002 and has been a professional illustrator and designer ever since. He loves designing characters for books, magazines, comics, games, big companies, little companies, television and everything else in between. He also creates identities, builds brands, writes stories, performs puppetry along with all sorts of fun and exciting things. If he's not making something, then he's driving his family crazy. In his spare time he enjoys collecting toys, retro video games, eating snacks, watching football, thinking about eating snacks, playing with my boys and planning trips with my wife that involve snacks. Snacks.

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