Episode 115.2: Sandbox Interview with Designer & Illustrator JC Richard

Episode Synopsis

You just never know who you're gonna run into. A chance meeting in Orlando has turned into a fast friendship with the very talented and knowledgeable JC Richard. Today we sit down to hear more about JC's early work, balancing details and focus, serving the story well and staying the course. One of our favorites.

Guest Bio

JC Richard

JC Richard is a Commercial & Fine Artist from Massachusetts. His professional creative life began as a freelance 3D matte painter, texture artist and modeler for various scifi television productions, but he found his home in the fine art and “pop culture” art gallery world. Additionally, JC is a lifelong Disney fan. "I've been incredibly fortunate that my passions have become my occupation," Richard says. "Disney has played a large part in my artistic development, even in the past few years; raising kids has allowed me to re-discover the majesty of Disney animation and storytelling. It's easy to forget Disney started from illustration-- from manifesting these characters and stories on the page, then using the power of an engaging narrative to move others to real emotion and action."

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