Episode 123.2: Sandbox Interview with Illustrator and Art Director at Scientific Games Dave Pryor

Episode Synopsis

Dave is a veteran illustrator that got his start on Tiny Toons. Rad. If I had to pick two words to describe Dave's work they would be expressive and variety. He continues to grow his skill by creating challenges for himself on new project, and his attitude behind maintaining motivation is one to be emulated. There is a lot to learn from Dave and we only scratched the surface. Ready for the next one.

Guest Bio

Dave Pryor

Dave is a professional artist and animator with 25 years in the business, working mostly in television animation and video gaming. One of his larger independent achievements was completing a 3 minute short film called "Alien for Christmas" (The little Alien from the movie is what he uses as his avatar on art pages). He loves to do his own art when he has the time, and outside of TV and games, you will regularly see his art in gallery shows. Dave lives in Chicago with his wife Heather, and dogs Ham and Cake.

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