Episode 59.2: Sandbox Interview - with Illustrator & Skillshare™ Teacher Hayden Aube

Episode Synopsis

Let's get educational! Today we talk with illustrator and Skillshare teacher Hayden Aube! We dive deep into what it takes to be a Skillshare teacher and the practices that helped Hayden build a career from educating others. Here's a hint: buy a calendar. As an added bonus, the first 20 people to signup using the link below will get Hayden's Level Up Your Colours class for free!

Guest Bio

Hayden Aube

After four years designing for agencies throughout Canada and the UK, Hayden has switched his focus to what got him into a creative field in the first place—illustration. Now living in Toronto, Hayden teaches online classes to 1000's of students, works as a freelance illustrator and puts an absurd amount of time into putting happy faces on inanimate objects. And when he isn’t creating art, you can find him practicing parkour, playing board games and burning through many a fantasy novel.

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