Episode 68.2: Sandbox Interview With Co-Owner of Invisible Creature Don Clark

Episode Synopsis

Invisible Creature is a company with a desire to do work that is both ultra creative and ultra precise. Their design aesthetic permeates everything they do and it's made even more meaningful by the thread of nostalgia that is woven through it. Very few people are executing on this level. Killing it.

Guest Bio

Don Clark

Invisible Creature is a graphic design studio based in Seattle. It is run by brothers Don and Ryan Clark, co-founders of Asterik Studios and the band Demon Hunter. Invisible Creature has created CD packaging, poster art, web design, and merchandise design for incredible artists such as Mae, Anberlin, Foo Fighters, will.i.am, Korn, Kanye West, The Chariot, and Underoath. The studio also has been nominated for Grammy Awards for the album artwork for Norma Jean's O God, the Aftermath, Fair's The Best Worst-Case Scenario., and Hawk Nelson's Hawk Nelson Is My Friend.

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