Episode 71.2: Sandbox Interview - with Artist & Illustrator Josh Emrich

Episode Synopsis

We've been excited tot talk with Josh for a while and today our dreams have finally come true! We met up with Josh in a dark hotel late at night during Creative South. Josh initially looked a bit unsure about what he had got himself into... and by the end he looked less confused. It was a great time that can be summed up in two words: beer and boardgames. What a great combination.

Guest Bio

Josh Emrich

Emrich Office is a design practice led by Josh Emrich with Katie Emrich. Together, they design brand identities and experiences that are wholly intentional, intuitively relatable and, hopefully, beautiful. They believe "The Good Life" is simply a good life built, in part, through great design. They partner with clients who share their commitment to creativity, integrity and craft, so every day they can contribute something of beauty, value and conscience.

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