Episode 72.2: Sandbox Interview - with Artist & Illustrator Paul Shipper

Episode Synopsis

We've admired Paul's work for some time now. It's exciting to see an artist meld modern techniques with a retro style, and Paul does it better than anyone else. Listen as he talks with us about his works pursuit and how he approaches his artform.

Guest Bio

Paul Shipper

Paul is a freelance illustrator best known for producing key art and imagery for film, entertainment and advertising properties.

Inspired from a young age by the one sheets in the cinema lobby and the posters on my bedroom wall, he fell in love with the craft and beauty of the illustrated film poster. Since the mid-to-late 90's he has been devoted to creating art that embodies that very aesthetic, on a self proclaimed mission to bring the beloved 'old school' illustrated movie posters he grew up with back to the cinema... and beyond

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