Episode 73.2: Sandbox Interview - with Designer & Co-founder of Baron Fig Joey Cofone

Episode Synopsis

Today we chat with Joey Cofone about Comic San's place in design, re-branding Prince, MyFonts My Favorite Five and the latest Baron Fig Kickstarter for its new line of bags. His story recounting his experience at the bi-annual AIGA Command X (which he won) is a must listen.

Guest Bio

Joey Cofone

Joey Cofone is Co-Founder/CEO of Baron Fig and an award-winning graphic designer based in New York City. His work has been featured in Fast Company, Bloomberg, Quartz, Mashable, and PRINT, among others. He's an AIGA Command X winner and was named a 2015 New Visual Artist by PRINT Magazine. Joey strives to make work that appeals to curious minds—work that’s beautiful, smart, and communicative. He believes that design is the least of a designer’s worries, that story is at the heart of all tasks, and jumping off cliffs is the only way to grow.

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