Episode 76.2: Extended Sandbox Interview - with Mark Brickey (Host of Adventures in Design)

Episode Synopsis

I hate we waited so long to talk to the man himself, Mister Mark Brickey. Mark is the host of arguably the best subversive pop-culture podcast around. The man produces 200 high-quality episodes every year and talks to the giants of the creative world. We get a chance to talk with Mark about the path that led him where he is today and listen as he shares advice rooted deeply in personal experience. This is one for the books.

Guest Bio

Mark Brickey

Mark knows how to flirt with the universe and get laid like no one else. From his earliest days Mark knew exactly what he wanted to be - a talk show host - and he has been accruing a plethora of life experience for such a time as this. Don't buy into the hype; he doesn't bite and he only cares about the person sitting at the mic across from him.

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