Episode 77.2: Sandbox Interview - with Founder and CEO of Mama's Sauce Nick Sambrato

Episode Synopsis

This week we're jumping into the proverbial kitchen and learning how the proverbial sauce is made. Fun fact #1: the name comes from a bowl of ink sitting on a table. Or counter. Did you like that fact? Learn a bunch more about the amazing work Nick and the crew at Mama's Sauce are doing. They are reaching into the past to better collaborate with designers now while keeping an eye on the future. This is a good one.

Guest Bio

Nick Sambrato

Nick Sambrato is the Founder of Mama’s Sauce, a spot color print shop & VP of it's parent company, Fiction. Mama’s Sauce is a renowned print shop in the graphic design culture. The two companies, now merged, and are headquartered in Winter Park, Florida amongst a budding creative scene in the greater Orlando area. A veteran of creative and tech, Nick has blended Internet communication strategy with his companies since his first offering - a paid bulletin board service (BBS) in 1993, which he started out of his bedroom when he was 13. Today he guides the vision of Mama’s Sauce, looks for new opportunities for Fiction, and tells his story regularly from the stage in Print Matters, a nationally touring event that celebrates design, printing, and paper along with French Paper Company’s Brian French.

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