Episode 78.2: Sandbox Interview - with Podcaster, Speaker, Hand-Letterer, and Illustrator Scotty Russell

Episode Synopsis

This week we are pleased as pie to be talking to the proficient and ever-encouraging Scotty Russell! For the last 3 years, Scotty has been producing a piece of content every week while practicing his hand-lettering daily. The results of this intentional practice definitely show when you dive into his work. Additionally, Scotty is the host of the Perspective Podcast where he encourages artists to go build something with their creativity. It's a great interview with a guy you need to know about!

Guest Bio

Scotty Russell

Perspective-Collective is the studio of Scotty Russell, a freelance lettering artist and illustrator based out of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Some minor obsessions he has consists of drawing on everything he can find and anything to do with pizza.
Outside of being an artist, he strives to encourage his creative peers. He does this through co-hosting monthly Drink & Draws, teaching workshops, public speaking, and his weekly Perspective Podcast.
He’s a big advocate for pursuing the type of side projects you want to get paid to create. He also believes your hobby has more potential than you think.

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