Episode 82.2: Sandbox Interview - with Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, & CEO of Whiteboard Taylor Jones

Episode Synopsis

And now for something a little different. Today we talk with Taylor Jones of Whiteboard about managing creatives and getting the best from your team. These are hard-learned lessons that require a balance of empathy and confrontation... and it's rarely easy. Grab your closest writing implement and a piece of paper so we can begin.

Guest Bio

Taylor Jones

Taylor Jones is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Whiteboard. He leads Whiteboard's business strategy and helps clients' leadership envision, plan, and deploy world-class digital experiences. Prior to starting Whiteboard, Taylor started his career at fifteen years old in IT and is a self-taught designer and developer. His work has won recognition, most notably for his work in parallax and responsive design, from institutions such as The Webby Awards, Awwwards, Net Magazine, Entrepreneur, and many more. He lives in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife, Eren and daugter Berkley.

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