Episode 84.2: Sandbox Interview - with Creative Director for The National Poster Retrospecticus JP Boneyard

Episode Synopsis

There are very few guests we've had on the show that unites artists the way JP Boneyard has. A talented artist in his own right, JP has become an ambassador of art to the people in the form of the Fifty-Nine Park series and the National Poster Retrospecticus. Listen as JP talks with us about the skills necessary to manage hundreds of artists and prints while trying to create a profitable business. Dude is a pro.

Guest Bio

JP Boilard

JP Boilard is based in Austin, TX. He designs, does front-end development, and produces art and music events under the name JP Boneyard. JP got his start setting up music events and screen printing posters in his hometown of Palmer, Massachusetts. After graduating from The Massachusetts College of Art and Design he honed his craft at Upstatement in Boston and The IBM Mobile Innovation Lab in Austin, TX. JP loves the need for creative problem solving that comes along with everything from coding a website to setting up a cross country art tour. JP is a full time creative director of The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series and producer of The National Poster Retrospecticus.

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