Episode 89.2: Sandbox Interview - with Designer, Illustrator & Owner of Studio Temporary Scott Fuller

Episode Synopsis

Give it up to Scott... this dude doesn't stop. With a work ethic that won't quit, Scott is always pushing forward toward the next thing, even in trying circumstances. Scott takes us through the moments that have shaped his career and challenged his dream.

Guest Bio

Scott Fuller

Excerpt from My Favorite Five: "Practicing graphic designer, logo builder, and burgeoning typeface designer, Scott Fuller is the one-man dynamo behind The Studio Temporary. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Scott is driven by the precept of “good design wherever I happen to be.”

Not afraid to incorporate playfulness or plenty of vibrant color into his design — strong typography also takes a conspicuous role in Scott’s work. Be it utilizing classic typographic stalwarts, or employing display faces he’s designed himself, Scott’s work can best be described as unabashedly bold." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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