Episode 91.2: Sandbox Interview - with Freelance Illustrator Dan Mumford

Episode Synopsis

We are pleased-as-pie to talk with the deeply accomplished freelance illustrator Dan Mumford. Certainly, we can't help but discuss the unique flair of Dan's style, but we also dive into the personal discipline that directs his client interaction and keeps them coming back (Master Tip: Respond to emails immediately). Finally, we round it all out with some talk of Apple and movie theatre experiences. We've wandered off the grid but it's all groovy.

Guest Bio

Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator working out of Studio100 in central London, UK. Over the past 10 years, Dan has worked within the pop culture and music scene creating everything from album covers, branding and screenprints to new interpretations of classic film posters and albums. His clients include Disney, Sony, Iron Maiden, Wizards of the Coast, Icon Motorsports, CBS and many many bands and record labels from around the world.

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