Episode 93.2: Sandbox Interview with Freelance Illustrator and Character Designer Erin Hunting

Episode Synopsis

No need to be grumpy because this week we are talking to the amazingly talented illustrator and character designer Erin Hunting. Erin is a seasoned creative with a deep portfolio of basically everything great in pop culture. We can't say enough how much we enjoyed the conversation and love the work Erin is doing. Check it out!

Guest Bio

Erin Hunting

Erin Hunting is a Melbourne based illustrator who is probably most known for designing Grumpy Cat‘s cartoon logo. Other clients include : Stranger Things, Sesame Workshop, Facebook, Nickelodeon (Nick Jr.), Tegan and Sara, BOOM! Studios, and Archie Comics. Erin likes to use a variety of tools to create her work most notably Photoshop, Copic Markers and Brush Pens. Her colourful illustrations can be found in children’s books and comics as well as various other publications. She has also had her work exhibited in galleries everywhere from Los Angeles to Florida and all the way back home to Australia.

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