Episode 96.2: Sandbox Interview with Illustrator & Poster Artist Tom Whalen

Episode Synopsis

We couldn't be more excited to sit down for an extended conversation with our good friend Tom Whalen. This week has been especially full of new releases by the man himself, and we're excited to hear about Tom's latest work and what it took to move them from sketch to print. This episode is a great one.

Guest Bio

Tom Whalen

In 1992, Tom took his love of McFarlane, Ditko, and Kirby to Kutztown University where he quickly added Bass, Glaser, and Tschichold to a growing list of influences. Concentrating in both graphic design and illustration, he found himself inspired by typography and committed to making it an integral part of his work.

Now, nearly 20 years later, he relishes the opportunity to mesh his passion for design and love of illustration for clients like Disney, Marvel, the Beatles and Target.

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