Episode 97.2: Sandbox Interview With SquaredCo Podcast Hosts Mark Morris and Jerrod Maruyama

Episode Synopsis

While we were in California we made one of the best decisions of our podcast career... sitting down with Mark and Jerrod of the SquaredCo Podcast. The five of us went to town on a dozen cookies and talked DesignerCon, Reimagine Conference, Andrew's attempted robbing, and making a podcast. A big shout to Noah Elias for letting us use the Artistry House. Place is legit.

Guest Bio

SquaredCo Podcast

The SquaredCo Podcast features conversations with creatives about art, design, pop culture and whatever nonsense comes to mind. Join hosts Mark Morris (Creative Director) and Jerrod Maruyama (Freelance Illustrator and Character Designer) as they talk to some of the biggest names from the creative world.

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