Episode 48.2: Hot Seat Interview Double Feature with Joshua and Lauren Ariza

Episode Synopsis

If you haven't heard us say it already, ReImagine Conference was an incredible experience. One of our primary goals at any of the conferences we attend is to learn about as many people as we can and the Hot Seat Interview has become our favorite way of doing that. At ReImagine we got the chance to talk to a dynamic duo of sorts: the married couple of Josh and Lauren Aria. Josh joined us first and Lauren not long after (to set the record straight a bit) and both of them were a joy to talk with. Energy, talent, kindness and a dash of ridiculous exudes from these people. We're really happy to kick off our 30-some-odd Hot Seat Interviews with the Arizas!

Guest Bio

Joshua Ariza

Josh is an award-winning, multidisciplinary designer who has worked with some of the most iconic brands in the world. Currently residing in Southern California, he works with his clients to develop creative visual strategies for all types of projects.

Guest Bio

Lauren Ariza

Lauren lives in sunny southern California with her babe-doll of a husband. Her goal is to show people that anyone can cook and it can actually be super fun too! She loves her amazing family and wonderful friends.

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