Holiday Meal Time With Friends


The holidays are in full swing and we have a very special way for you to spread some holiday cheer… with food! Below is a full holiday meal that was specially planned for you to make and share with your friends and family. Get making!


Breakfast Bake

img_5133We’re starting off the meal right with an American Diner-styled breakfast bake from Lauren Ariza of Recipe Schmecipe. This dish is easy to make (thank goodness) and can be made ahead of time, which really comes in handy if you want to do absolutely nothing the day of your Holiday Meal Time with Friends. You may not know your way around a kitchen, but this dish is so good and so easy to make it’ll have you feeling like an Iron Chef.

View the Recipe | Listen to Lauren’s Hot Seat Interview

The Master’s Wake & Make Coffee

slack_for_ios_uploadOnce the breakfast bake hits the oven, start brewing your cup of The Master’s Wake & Make Coffee. Shawn Anderson of Old Town Roasting knows, well, a lot about coffee and has a custom blend specifically for the creative. The creative and tired. Pick up a bag on his site and he’ll throw in a small sample of espresso so that you can make the last piece of your meal — brownies!

Buy the Coffee | Listen to Shawn’s Hot Seat Interview

Holiday Espresso Brownie

sweets-platter-8What a way to round out an amazing Meal Time with Friends. Salt + Cinnamon is a collective of uber-inspired foodies crafting amazing, amazing food stuffs – I mean, just look at the photos on the S + C site – and Caitlin Calhoun is bringing us this espresso brownie with cream cheese frosting. Oh, and peppermint. Oh, and sugar. We love all of those things and we know you do, too.

View the Recipe | Listen to Caitlin’s Hot Seat Interview