Patrick Hill

Master of TV & Film

Why TV & Film

Hey dudes! I'm the guy that knows a little about a lot. Even though the first movie I ever saw alone in a theatre was Barbershop, I still managed to develop a love of film and try my best to watch something new every day. Oddly enough, I don't mind spoilers... which drives Luke & Andrew crazy. My favorite films are, in some order, Good Will Hunting, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Looper. Most film aficionados just cringed, but I'm happy to argue my love for each.

In addition to film, the other masters are beginning to rub off on me and I've now begun collecting prints and amassing a small Dunny army. I'm all about the chase - the rare, the variant - and that drives most of my purchasing decisions. If you want to talk film, web, drums, anything random then I'm your guy. Enjoy the site!

Luke Gaul

Master of Toys & Games

Why Toys & Games

I’m Luke. I play games, make movies, take pictures, drink coffee, and eat pizza. I’m always down to hang or catch a movie and I think that if you can’t settle something with paper, rock, scissors you’re taking yourself to seriously.

Growing up in the 1980’s I didn’t have much of a choice of what my passions would be. At an early age I was indoctrinated into the love of Transformers, G.I. Joe’s, and Ghostbusters. I would spend hours on end playing and imagining and putting myself into the stories of the cartoons I loved. When a toy would break, I would take it apart and then figure out how to fix it and put it back together. We also had a tradition of playing board games in my family. As I grew up the action figures became digital and I found my love of video games. Flash forward 20 years and I still have action figures, board games, and video games but now I am starting to make those toys and the board games have become more sophisticated.

I now get to share this love with my wife, Rachel, and my 2 sons, Jonas and Milo. I live in Ohio and I am a commercial photographer/videographer specializing in advertising. I love to create and I think that anyone that tries to create outside a community will never reach the potential they will with friends. I love movies and tv and a lot of the inspiration for what I do comes from that.

I’ve run out of things to say so how’s about you pop down and learn about Andrew…?

Andrew Sale

Master of Art & Design

Why Art & Design

I am a designer that loves to help companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations see their visions brought to life through innovative design.

I am a Graphic Artist, Communications Director, and lover of Ninja Turtles & Star Wars, living in San Antonio, Texas who has a passion for art. I am over 800 million seconds old (be impressed). I’m married to my beautiful wife Chandra and love playing with my super cool son Cooper. I draw inspiration from all sorts of places, whether it is music, nature, other artists, or just life in general, I like to express myself creatively through all sorts of medium.

I am formally trained in the Fine Arts, with special interest in shade drawing realism. I have spent the last 13 years focusing on Brand messaging and corporate / organizational identity. Throughout my life, and with all of my experience, I have really honed my own personal style. But even though I love to create my own pieces of art, I have found it to be more fun to collect and support other really incredible artist! If you look around my studio (or home for that matter) you won’t see much of my own stuff!